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Community Outreach

Santa Clara County Vector Control District controls and monitors mosquitoes, ticks, yellowjackets, bedbugs, rats, coyotes, and other harmful vectors that carry diseases. It is our goal to provide educational efforts for the prevention and control of vector-related health risks through our community outreach program.

The district’s outreach program involves the following services



Interested parties can call (408) 981-4794 to schedule a presentation. Our schedule request form is also available here​


School Presentation


Santa Clara County Vector Control District (SCCVCD) offers FREE presentations and hand-on activities for K-12 students through our Outreach Program. SCCVCD Outreach Program is conducted in collaboration with school teachers and staff. Our Health Educator can provide a 30 - 45 minute presentation ranging in topics from mosquitoes, disease-causing insects, and wildlife such as coyotes, raccoons and others. Presentations are available for for individual classes or school assemblies. Our interactive lessons are tailored to specific age groups and can include live demos, hands-on activities, and assignments to help further raise awareness.


​Lessons include:​

o   Presentations on mosquitoes and other vectors and their role in the environment

o   Mosquito control shared responsibility

o   Active learning

o   Student collaboration

o   Science lab kit


If you are interested in taking advantage of our Outreach Program, please contact our Health Educator, Hung Pham,  at (408) 918-4794 or​ ​


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Display Booth and Health Lectures



Santa Clara County Vector Control District Services

  • Provide FREE presentations and hands-on activities for K-12 students. Submit Request Form
  • Provide FREE educational presentations on ticks and tick-borne diseases.
  • Educational brochures available here.
  • Collaborate with community groups through fairs and corporate events.

  • Conduct annual tick flagging surveillance for ticks and tick-borne diseases in County parks and open spaces.
    What is tick flagging? Click here to find out.
  • Test for diseases in ticks collected at County Parks and open spaces.

  • Provide tips and advice to reduce exposure to ticks and tick-borne diseases.

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