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Weed Abatement Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Santa Clara County Department of Agriculture Weed Abatement Program is to protect lives, property, and the environment, by providing education and hazard abatement for the communities served.

Our Goal is Voluntary Compliance!

The Santa Clara County Department of Agriculture Weed Abatement Program and your city are working together to protect and educate your community. The purpose of the Weed Abatement Program is to prevent fire hazards created by vegetative growth and the accumulation of combustible debris through voluntary compliance.
The Department of Agriculture's Weed Abatement Program inspects parcels that have been declared a public nuisance and included in the program throughout the year. Abatement work is ordered by an inspector on properties when the minimum fire safety standards have not been satisfied, or if the owner has requested that the county contractor perform the necessary work. The abatement charges for any work performed by the contractor and a county administrative fee are included on your property tax statement as a special assessment.

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