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Weights and Measures
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Advice to Consumers

Published on: 8/28/2013 4:42 PM
  • Watch the weighing or measuring instrument. Make sure it starts at zero or you may be paying for something you didn't get.
  • When buying gasoline, look at the pump meter before the start of fuel delivery. The meter should be cleared and the computer set at zero.
  • Packaged size may be deceptive - don't be fooled by apparent size. Remember that KING SIZE, GIANT SIZE, FAMILY SIZE, etc., mean nothing. Read the label for quantity statement. Compare prices per ounce between different sizes and between different brands.
  • Check your receipts, especially scanned items on sale, for price accuracy.
  • Buy solid commodities by weight, rather than by count, whenever possible.
  • Learn the unit price (price per pound, per quart, etc.) of what you buy and make sure that you are paying the correct price for the quantity received.
  • The weight of paper wrapping and the containers used in prepackaging meat and other items must not be included. All packaged items must indicate NET WEIGHT.
  • Learn to read scale and meter indications and observe the weighing and measuring of your purchases.
  • Just as you demand accurate change from a cashier, demand accurate weight and measure in your purchases to avoid being "shortchanged."
  • Some stores provide scales on which you can check the weights of your purchases. Use them.
  • Propane meters must be reset by the attendant fueling your bottle; watch that the meter is zeroed before the attendant begins to fuel.

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