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Door-to-Door Meat Sales

Published on: 8/28/2013 4:42 PM
Beef wellington photo

Door-to-door salesmen have been around for many years. The selling of meat by door-to-door salesmen is legal in the state of California and consumers can often save money through this type of purchase. Consumers do need to be informed and knowledgeable about meat purchases made from door-to-door salesmen.

To insure that the consumer is making an informed purchase, we require that the door-to-door salesmen observe the state laws and regulations when selling meats door-to-door. Some of the more obvious informational items that are required on the container includes:




  • an identification label with the name and address of the meat company; and
  • the price per pound of each type of meat, fish or poultry that is contained; and
  • the type of cut of each meat, fish or poultry that is contained; and
  • a net weight statement for each type of cut; and
  • the total net weight of the entire meat purchase.
  • The consumer has three (3) days in which he or she may cancel the order or return the meat purchases.

Some questions the consumer might want to ask the door-to-door meat salesman:

  • What is the name, business address and telephone number of the salesman? This can be obtained by asking for a business card.
  • What is the grade and quality of the meat? Is the meat USDA Prime, Choice, or Grade A? Prime is the highest quality.

Make sure all questions are answered to your satisfaction.

If you decide to purchase meat from door-to-door salesmen, use your calculator or pen and paper to check that you are being charged the correct amount.

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