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2020 Santa Clara County Community Plan to End Homelessness

​​Why are we updating plan?

Nearly five years ago, our community adopted the Community Plan to End Homelessness in Santa Clara County 2015-2020​ which was developed collaboratively by representatives of community-based service organizations, local government, philanthropy, business, healthcare, and people with lived experience.

As the timeframe for the 2015-2020 Community Plan comes to an end, the Santa Clara County Continuum of Care has embarked on a community process to build the plan for the next five years, to guide the County, cities, nonprofits, and other community members as they make decisions about funding, programs, priorities, and needs.​ 

3-Part Framework

The community planning process is being guided by a Steering Committee made up of the Continuum of Care Board and additional key leaders, including a member of Lived Experience Advisory Board.

Based on guidance from the Community Plan Steering committee, the updated community plan will have a three-part framework. Each of the three high-level strategies has a lead agency or agencies that is leading development of priorities for their strategy and will guide implementation once the plan is adopted.


In addition, several other important areas of focus for the plan have been identified, including youth and young adults, who represent a large proportion of the overall homeless population; racial equity; and raising the voices of people with lived experience throughout the system.

Roles in the Community Planning Process

To gather community input and draft the plan, a work group has been created including the following members from lead agencies, cities, and providers:

  • Office of Supportive Housing – Jackie MacLean, Hilary Barroga, and Kathryn Kaminski
  • Office of the County Executive – Hilary Armstrong
  • City of San José – Sarah Zarate, Ragan Henninger
  • Destination: Home – Ray Bramson, David Low
  •  City of Morgan Hill – Rebecca Garcia
  • City of Mountain View – Wayne Chen
  • Providers: Bruce Ives (LifeMoves); Erin Stanton (Sacred Heart Community Service); Erin O’Brien (Community Solutions)

For questions about the community plan, please reach out to

Community Engagement

The work group is currently in the process of collecting feedback for the plan from stakeholders in the community in a variety of ways, including the following:

Draft Community Plan Strategies – January 2020

Thousands of residents and stakeholders in Santa Clara County have provided input and feedback through the community engagement process. The Draft Community Plan Strategies were developed based on that input, and they are available below for your review. These are high-level strategies, and our task now is to identify the specific action steps needed to implement the plan.

Community Meeting– January 2020 

Please join us to hear more about strategies, services, and resources included in the draft plan, and provide feedback for implementing the plan.  Event is on January 27th from 6pm-8:00pm at the Roosevelt Community Center (901 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95116). 

For additional information please refer to the flyer below:

Community Survey – October & November 2019
A community survey was conducted from October through November to collect feedback from all stakeholders residing in Santa Clara County. The purpose was to hear what YOU think about homelessness in our community. The information will be used to inform our Community Plan to End Homelessness .

Subject Matter Expert Convenings – August & September 2019

Small group meetings were focused on specific populations – families, single adults, and youth and young adults – representing a cross-section of the community, including service providers, government entities, and people with lived experience.

Key Stakeholder Interviews – September 2019

One-on-one interviews were conducted with leaders in health care, education, business, advocacy, and philanthropy.

Stakeholder Focus Groups – September 2019

Small group meetings were held with city housing managers, neighborhood associations, and supportive housing developers to assist the work group to develop strategies for each pillar.

Consumer Focus Groups & Interviews – September & October 2019

Small groups discussions and one-on-one interviews were conducted with people who are currently and formerly homeless, including youth and young adults and the LGBTQI community.

Community Summits – October 2019

Community-wide meetings were open to the public to share draft proposals and to collect feedback.

  • 10/2 South County from 6pm-8pm at Community Solutions
  • 10/3 Central County from 6pm-8pm at Roosevelt Community Center
  • 10/10 North County from 6pm-8pm at Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Safety Net and Criminal Justice Departmental Meetings – October & November 2019

Meetings were held with County safety net departments and criminal justice departments to identify system gaps and housing outcomes.


Following the community engagement process, the work group plans to have a draft plan to share with cities, County departments and other stakeholders by January, with the goal of having the Continuum of Care adopt the plan in March and cities to endorse the plan in 2020.


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