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CalWORKs Handbook Sections
Policy Interpretations
Information Notices
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CalWORKs Handbook Updates
pdf Update 16-08: New Application for Non-Needy Caretaker Relatives
pdf Update 16-07: Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care (MBSAC) Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
pdf Update 16-06: Veterans Benefits Verification and Referrals
pdf Update 16-05: Exemption of Long-Term Welfare to Work (WTW) Sanctioned Cases From Child Support Requirements And Modifications To The CW 2215 Form
pdf Update 16-04: California Work Opportunity and Responsibility To Kids (CalWORKs) Instructions On Home County Rules
pdf Update 16-03: Self-Certification Form For Motor Vehicles- CW 80 Form Instruction
pdf Update 16-02: School Records Requests
pdf Update 16-01: Revised Notice Of Action (NOA) Message Regarding CalWORKs Eligibility For Individuals With A Prior Drug Felony Conviction
pdf Update 15-23: Changes to the School Attendance Requirements and Records Request
pdf Update 15-22: California Work Opportunity And Responsibility To Kids (CalWORKs) Asset Exclusions
pdf Update 15-21: Revised Notice Of Action (NOA) Messages For Increased Property Limits
pdf Update 15-20: Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Program (TCVAP) Eligibility Guidelines
pdf Update 15-19: Revised Definitions For Solely State-Funded Program Aid Codes K1 and 3F
pdf Update 15-18: CalWORKs Housing Support Program
pdf Update 15-17: Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2016 Income Reporting Threshold (IRT)
pdf Update 15-16: Home Visits As Reasonable Accommodation to Complete The Face-To-Face Interview Requirement For CalWORKs
pdf Update 15-15: Immediate Needs
pdf Update 15-14: Telephonic Signature Redeterminations
pdf Update 15-13: Welfare To Work (WTW) Program Guidance For Disability Exemptions
pdf Update 15-12: Revised Notice of Action (NOA) Messages For the Approved Relative Caregiver (ARC) Funding Option Program
pdf Update 15-11: Approved Relative Caregiver (ARC) Funding Option Program
pdf Update 15-10: Cash Aid and Pregnancy Special Needs (PSN) For Pregnant Women With No Other Eligible Children
pdf Update 15-09: Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care (MBSAC) Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
pdf Update 15-08: Erratum to CalWORKs Update 2015-05
pdf Update 15-07: Inter-County Procedures (ICT)
pdf Update 15-06: Revised Forms (AR 3, SAR 3, SAR 7, SAR 7A, SAWS 2A SAR, CW 8A, and CW 8)
pdf Update 15-05: Long-Term Welfare-To-Work (WTW) Sanction
pdf Update 15-04: Changes In Eligibility For All People With A Prior Felony Drug Conviction
pdf Update 15-03: Changes to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Appeals Process
pdf Update 15-02: Changes to Asset Limits For Families
pdf Update 15-01: Immunization Good Cause Request Form
pdf Update 14-17: Revised Notice and Notice of Action (NOA) Messages that Deny, Discontinue, or Decrease Benefits for Lack of Verification
pdf Update 14-16: Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) System Questions and Answers (Q&A)
pdf Update 14-15: Treatment of Changes During the Application Process
pdf Update 14-14: Exemption of Child-Only Safety Net and Drug/Fleeing Felons from Child Support Requirements
pdf Update 14-13: CalWORKs Housing Support Program
pdf Update 14-12: Request for Verification Form CW 2200
pdf Update 14-11: Retroactive Domestic Abuse Waivers
pdf Update 14-10: Identifying Former Foster Care Children Receiving CalWORKs
pdf Update 14-09: Inter-County Transfer Procedures
pdf Update 14-08: Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care (MBSAC) and Income In Kind (IIK) Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
pdf Update 14-07: Extending Benefits to Non-Minor Dependents (NMDs) Questions and Answers
pdf Update 14-06: Changes to the Temporary Absence Rules for Children
pdf Update 14-05: Veteran’s Disability Compensation (VDC) Benefits
pdf Update 14-04: Pregnancy Special Needs (PSN) for Teen Pregnant Women Only (PWO) Assistance Units
pdf Update 14-03: New Form for Incomplete Semi-Annual Reports (SAR 7)
pdf Update 14-02: Property Limit Change for Elderly/Disabled Households
pdf Update 14-01: Changes in Treatment of Motor Vehicles
pdf Update 13-16: Revised SAWS Application Forms
pdf Update 13-15: Implementation of Safety Net, Drug and Fleeing Felon Aid Codes
pdf Update 13-14: Immunization and School Attendance Information
pdf Update 13-13: Change to Earned Income Disregard (EID)
pdf Update 13-12: Changes for Non-Minor Dependent (NMD) Cases
pdf Update 13-11: Implementation of Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR)
pdf Update 13-10: Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care (MBSAC) and Income In Kind (IIK) Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
pdf Update 13-09: Federal Tax Credits and Refunds
pdf Update 13-08: New Aid Code for the CalWORKs Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Program (TCVAP)
pdf Update 13-07: Forms/Notices Changes for Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR)
pdf Update 13-06: Annual Reporting/ Child Only (AR/CO) Questions & Answers (Q&A)
pdf Update 13-05: Overview of Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR)
pdf Update 13-04: Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Program (TCVAP) - Program Codes for Time Study Reporting
pdf Update 13-03: Erratum to CalWORKs Update #2012-12
pdf Update 13-02: Overpayment Collection from Minors
pdf Update 13-01: New Young Child Time Limit Exemption
pdf Update 12-14: Student Financial Aid
pdf Update 12-13: Automated Balderas Telephone Calls
pdf Update 12-12: Annual Reporting/Child Only (AR/CO) Cases
pdf Update 12-11: Exclusion of AmeriCorps Payments as Income
pdf Update 12-10: Restoration of Aid (Quarterly Report)- AB 959
pdf Update 12-09: Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care (MBSAC) and Income In Kind (IIK) Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
pdf Update 12-08: Extended CalWORKs Benefits Questions & Answers
pdf Update 12-07: Child Moves to a New Assistance Unit
pdf Update 12-06: Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) Work Exemptions
pdf Update 12-05: Extended CalWORKs Benefits
pdf Update 12-04: Appointing a DAC for Vendor Payment
pdf Update 12-03: Property Rules Clarification
pdf Update 12-02: School Attendance Policies
pdf Update 12-01: Non-Minor Dependents
pdf Update 11-14: 48-Month Time Limit Questions and Answers
pdf Update 11-13: County Health Evaluation Referral Program (CHERP) Termination
pdf Update 11-12: Changes to Restricted Accounts
pdf Update 11-11: Time on Aid (TOA) Extenders
pdf Update 11-10: Domestic Abuse Referral Process
pdf Update 11-09: CalWORKs Program Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
pdf Update 11-08: Employment Development Department (EDD) Debit Card
pdf Update 11-07: New 48-Month Time Limit for CalWORKs Adults
pdf Update 11-06: Restorations for Participants of Transitional Subsidized Employment
pdf Update 11-05: Earned Income Disregard (EID) Calculation
pdf Update 11-04: Vendor Payment Questions and Answers
pdf Update 11-03: Statewide Electronic Inter-County Transfers (eICT)
pdf Update 11-02: Federal Tax Credits and Refunds
pdf Update 11-01: Family Reunification Services- Questions and Answers
pdf Update 10-12: Incomplete QR 7 Received After NOA Cutoff
pdf Update 10-11: Change in Child Support Unassigned Arrears
pdf Update 10-10: Revised Rights and Responsibilities (SAWS 2A QR)
pdf Update 10-09: CalWORKs Redetermination Packets
pdf Update 10-08: Eligibility Time Extended for Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants
pdf Update 10-07: Exclusion From Income and Resources/Payments to Certain Filipino World War II Veterans
pdf Update 10-06: Vendor Payments
pdf Update 10-05: Erratum to CalWORKs Update 2009-16
pdf Update 10-04: Vehicle Value Determinations
pdf Update 10-03: CalWORKs Mail-In Redeterminations Part II
pdf Update 10-02: Revised Quarterly Eligibility/Status Report QR7, QR 7 Addendum and QR 7A Forms
pdf Update 10-01: CalWORKs Mail-In Redeterminations
pdf Update 09-16: Quarterly Reporting and Prospective Budgeting (QR/PB) Questions and Answers (Q & A's)
pdf Update 09-15: Time on Aid
pdf Update 09-14: Inter-County Transfers With Domestic Abuse Issues
pdf Update 09-13: Eligibility of Afghan Special Immigrants for Benefits and Services
pdf Update 09-12: Coordination of Domestic Abuse Services
pdf Update 09-11: Changes to Resource Exclusion Rules
pdf Update 09-10: Erratum to CalWORKs Update 2009-08
pdf Update 09-09: Multiple Overpayments
pdf Update 09-08: Registered Domestic Partners and Same Sex Spouses
pdf Update 09-07: Inter-County Transfer (ICT's)
pdf Update 09-06: School Verifications
pdf Update 09-05: Homeless Assistance Program Questions and Answers
pdf Update 09-04: Family Wellness Court
pdf Update 09-03: Battered and Sponsored Noncitizens
pdf Update 09-02: National Voter Registration Act of 1993
pdf Update 09-01: Inter-County Transfer Changes for Non-Needy Relatives
pdf Update 08-20: Parole for Cuban Medical Personnel in Third World Countries Program
pdf Update 08-19: Homeless Assistance and Domestic Violence
pdf Update 08-18: Common Case Referrals
pdf Update 08-17: County Health Evaluation Referral Program (CHERP) Contact Change
pdf Update 08-16: Complete "Quarterly Eligibility/Status Report (QR 7) Criteria
pdf Update 08-15: Interim Final Rule for "U" Non-Immigrant Status
pdf Update 08-14: Special Immigration Visas for Iraqis and Afghans and Iragi Refugees
pdf Update 08-13: Self-Employment Work Participation Requirements
pdf Update 08-12: Social Security Number Requirements for Non-Citizen Victims of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence or Other Serious Crimes
pdf Update 08-11: Earned Income Credit (EIC) Outreach
pdf Update 08-10: Time Limits for Cash Assistance (Chapter 39)
pdf Update 08-09: Changes to Resource Exclusion Rules (Chapters 15 & 17)
pdf Update 08-08: Cal Learn Program
pdf Update 08-07: Addendum to CalWORKs Update 2008-3
pdf Update 08-06: Overpayments Resulting from Late QR 7
pdf Update 08-05: County Health Evaluation Referral Program (CHERP) Pilot Referral Process
pdf Update 08-04: Exemptions: 60 Years or Older Volunteers
pdf Update 08-03: Requesting Employment Verification Mid-Quarter (Chapter 9-Revised)
pdf Update 08-02: Clarifications to Health Alliance Referrals
pdf Update 08-01: Exemptions Based on the Care of a Child
pdf Update 07-17: Retroactive Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Increase to Maximum Aid Payment (MAP) Levels and Suspension for the 2007-2008 Fiscal Year
pdf Update 07-16: CHERP Address Change
pdf Update 07-15: Returned Mail for Whereabouts Unknown (Chapter 5)
pdf Update 07-14: Non-Citizen Victims of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Other Serious Crimes
pdf Update 07-13: Discontinuance Date & Beginning Date of Aid
pdf Update 07-12: CalWORKs Employment Services Sanctions
pdf Update 07-11: Retroactive $50 Child Support Disregard
pdf Update 07-10: Central Intake Unit (CIU) Transition
pdf Update 07-09: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 49, 50, 51, 52 and 53)
pdf Update 07-08: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 9, 33, 42, 44 and 46)
pdf Update 07-07: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 47, 48, 57, 58 and 59)
pdf Update 07-06: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 22, 23, 24 and 25)
pdf Update 07-05: Non-Citizen Victims of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Other Serious Crimes
pdf Update 07-04: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21)
pdf Update 07-03: Homeless Assistance Program Questions & Answers #1
pdf Update 07-02: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16)
pdf Update 07-01: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30)
pdf Update 06-12: Minimum Basic Standard of Adequate Care (MBSAC) Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
pdf Update 06-11: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 7, 8, 10)
pdf Update 06-10: Miscellaneous Revisions (Chapters 39, 41, 43)
pdf Update 06-09: Work Registration Exemption Changes
pdf Update 06-08: Funding Changes for Two-Parent Families
pdf Update 06-07: Changes to Welfare-to-Work (WTW) Sanction Policies
pdf Update 06-06: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions (Chapters 31, 32, 34 and 35)
pdf Update 06-05: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions (Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6)
pdf Update 06-04: Homeless Assistance (Chapter 36, 37, 38)
pdf Update 06-03: Miscellaneous Handbook Revisions (Chapters 2 & 13)
pdf Update 06-02: Welfare-To-Work (WTW) Informing Requirements
pdf Update 06-01: Native TANF Program (NTP)
pdf Update 05-03: Cal Learn Referral Processes
pdf Update 05-02: Acknowledgement of Limited Sharing Form
pdf Update 05-01: Fry v. Saenz Lawsuit
pdf Update 04-21: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2003
pdf Update 04-20: Quarterly Reporting/Prospective Budgeting (QR/PB) Q & A, #2
pdf Update 04-19: County Health Evaluation Referral Form
pdf Update 04-18: Quarterly Reporting/Prospective Budgeting (QR/PB) Q & A’s, #1
pdf Update 04-17: Instance of Sanction - Data Correction
pdf Update 04-16: Adding a Person to the Assistance Unit (AU)
pdf Update 04-15: Income Averaging Policy Change
pdf Update 04-14: Health Alliance
pdf Update 04-13: Employment Services Referrals and Sanctions
pdf Update 04-12: Federal Funding for State Aid Types
pdf Update 04-11: Treatment of Educational Awards/Scholarships and Welfare to Work Exemptions for a Dependent Child
pdf Update 04-10: CalWORKs Eligibility Under Quarterly Reporting
pdf Update 04-09: Compromise of Assigned Child Support Arrearages
pdf Update 04-08: Quarterly Eligibility/Status Report QR 7
pdf Update 04-07: Intercounty Collection of Overpayment
pdf Update 04-06: Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000
pdf Update 04-05: Safety Net and CW 60-Month Time Limit Questions and Answers
pdf Update 04-04: 60-Month Time Limit Exemption Criteria
pdf Update 04-03: Overview - Implementation of the Quarterly Reporting/Prospective Budgeting (QR/PB) System in the CalWORKs Program
pdf Update 04-02: CalWORKs Processing Medi-Cal For Newborns
pdf Update 04-01: Family Reunification (FR) Program
pdf Update 03-15: County Health Evaluation Referral Program (CHERP)
pdf Update 03-14: CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES) Sanction Negative Action Codes
pdf Update 03-13: New Exemption Code for Time On Aid (TOA) Tracking
pdf Update 03-12: CalWORKs Application and Face-to-Face Interview Requirements, Questions and Answers
pdf Update 03-11: Partial Exemptions
pdf Update 03-10: Child Care Retroactive Payment Provisions
pdf Update 03-09: Motor Vehicle Questions & Answers
pdf Update 03-08: CalWORKs Applicants And Recipients Who Join Or Are Called Back To Active Military Duty
pdf Update 03-07: Two Parent Sanction Procedures
pdf Update 03-06: Out of County TOA Information
pdf Update 03-05: Child Support And Overpayment Exemption Review Instructions For The Time-On-Aid (TOA) Reviewers
pdf Update 03-04: Revised Forms For CalWORKs
pdf Update 03-03: Senior Parent Deeming
pdf Update 03-02: County Specific Exemptions and Extenders
pdf Update 03-01: Addendum/Clarification/Erratum to CalWORKs Update #2002-26
pdf Update 02-26: Safety Net Program
pdf Update 02-25: Clarification of Sanction Procedures
pdf Update 02-24: Tracking Child Support Collection and Overpayments For The CalWORKs 60-Month Time Limit
pdf Update 02-23: Ongoing TOA Tracking
pdf Update 02-22: SSI Plus Program
pdf Update 02-21: CWES TOA Flyers
pdf Update 02-20: County Health Evaluation Referral Program (CHERP)
pdf Update 02-19: Cal Learn
pdf Update 02-18: RCA/ECA Regulation Changes
pdf Update 02-17: Domestic Abuse Referral Procedures
pdf Update 02-16: Extended Unemployment Insurance Claim
pdf Update 02-15: Time On Aid (TOA) Informing Notices
pdf Update 02-14: Child Citizenship Act of 2000 and CalWORKs Eligibility
pdf Update 02-13: Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Fund Payments, Nutrition Assistance Program Benefits, and Department of Defense Subsistence Supplemental Allowance Benefits
pdf Update 02-12: Health Coverage Retention Tool
pdf Update 02-11: Revised Intake Time On Aid (TOA) Procedures
pdf Update 02-10: CalWORKS Program Treatment of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Recipients Participating Under Provisions of Section 1619(b) of the Social Security Act
pdf Update 02-09: Addendum/Clarification/Erratum to CalWORKS Update #2002-6
pdf Update 02-08: County Health Evaluation Referral Program
pdf Update 02-07: Eligibility for Teens Turning Age 18
pdf Update 02-06: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program 60-Month Timed-Out Aid Types
pdf Update 02-05: Addendum/Clarification/Erratum to CalWORKs Update #01-20
pdf Update 02-04: Employment Services Work Registration Exemptions
pdf Update 02-03: Intake Time On Aid (TOA) Review Procedures
pdf Update 02-02: Maximum Family Grant (MFG)
pdf Update 02-01: Addendum, Clarification, Errata To CalWORKs Update #2001-19