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Common Place Handbook Sections
Policy Interpretations
pdf Table of Contents  
pdf Index
Common Place Handbook Chapters
1.PDF Document Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (SFIS)
2.PDF Document Social Security
3.PDF Document Income Eligibility Verification System (IEVS)
4.PDF Document IEVS Applicant System
5.PDF Document IEVS Recipient System
6.PDF Document SSA Data and Interfaces
7.PDF Document Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB)
8.PDF Document Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)
9.PDF Document Citizenship
10.PDF Document Immigration
11.PDF Document Noncitizen Categories
12.PDF Document USCIS Codes
13.PDF Document Immigration Forms
14.PDF Document SAVE
15.PDF Document Voter Registration
16.PDF Document Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
17.PDF Document Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Direct Deposit 03-1
18.PDF Document Warrants/Checks
19.PDF Document Integrated Document Management (IDM)
20.PDF Document Self-Service Technologies
21.PDF Document Verifications
22.PDF Document Notices of Action
23.PDF Document Forms Available in Shelf Stock
24.PDF Document Intake/RRR Packets
25.PDF Document Case Narration
26.PDF Document Services
27.PDF Document DFCS/DEBS Common Cases
28.PDF Document Homeless Mailing Address
29.PDF Document Immediate Need/Expedited Service Procedures
30.PDF Document Child and Medical Support: Overview and Referral Criteria
31.PDF Document Child and Medical Support Activities
32.PDF Document Direct Child/Spousal or Medical Support
33.PDF Document Failure to Cooperate — Child or Medical Support
34.PDF Document Child Support Collection/Disbursement System
35.PDF Document Mandated Posters and Brochures for District Office Lobbies
36.PDF Document Civil Rights
37.PDF Document Appeals
38.PDF Document Fraud
39.PDF Document Complaints / Inquiries
40.PDF Document Confidentiality
41.PDF Document Case Responsibility
42.PDF Document Client / Third Party Case Reviews
43.PDF Document Subpoena and Courtroom Testimony Guide
44.PDF Document Case Structure / Numbering
45.PDF Document Periodic Report Management
46.PDF Document Inter-County Transfer (ICT)
47.PDF Document Retro Discontinuances/Closed Cases
48.PDF Document Supervisory Reviews
49.PDF Document Case Loans
50.PDF Document Case Transfers
51.PDF Document Case Rejection Criteria
52.PDF Document Intra-Office Backlogs
53.PDF Document Court Reviews
54.PDF Document DEBS Program Information
55.PDF Document Administrative Support Bureau (ASB)
57.PDF Document CCS General Assistance (GA) Workflows
57.PDF Document Valley Medical Center (VMC) Procedures
58. Reserved for Future Use
59.PDF Document Intake Model
60.PDF Document Generic Workflows
61.PDF Document Continuing Workflows
62.PDF Document CCS Application Support Narratives
63.PDF Document IEVS Unit Workflows
64.PDF Document Workload Standards, Policies and Procedures
65.PDF Document General Assistance (GA) SSI Advocacy
66.PDF Document Work Incentive Nutritional Supplement (WINS) Program