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Handbook 6: Out-of-Home Placement and Services
6-8 Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP)


Out-of-Home Placement and Services
6-8  Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP)
Reference Points
THPP Providers in Santa Clara County
Community Care Facility (CCF) Placement Court Order Required
THPP Referral Process
When A Youth is Not Accepted by a Provider


Other References

Reference Points
Effective Date: 11/01/2006
Last Updated: 12/19/13
 Legal Basis:
Popup Window Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) § 16522-16522.5
PDF CDSS Manual of Policies and Procedures (MPP)- Community Care Licensing Division, Title 22 , Div. 6, Chap. 7: Transitional Housing Placement Program
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MS Word Transitional Housing Placement Program Referral (SCZ 209)


 CWS/CMS Forms:
bullet Services Management Section: Contact Notebook


The Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP) is a licensed community care placement opportunity for youth in foster care, age 16 to 18, who will be aging out of the child welfare system at age 21.

The goal of THPP is to help participants emancipate successfully by providing a safe environment for youth to practice the skills learned in the Independent Living Program (ILP).  Participants live with roommates in apartments and single-family dwellings with regular support and supervision provided by THPP provider staff, county social workers, and ILP case managers. 

Supportive services include regular visits to participants' residences, educational guidance, employment counseling and assistance reaching goals outlined in participants’ Transitional Independent Living Plans (TILP). 

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THPP Providers in Santa Clara County  

The THPP providers in Santa Clara County are:

Selection of the THPP placement to which the youth is referred, if approved, is based on a variety of factors including youth preference, proximity to school of origin, and a a rotation system designed in collaboration with the THPP providers. 

THPP referrals for pregnant and/or parenting youth will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the ILP coordinator for placement the Bill Wilson Center.   

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Community Care Facility (CCF) Placement Court Order Required  

Because THPP is defined as a community care licensed placement, a court order authorizing the youth's placement in a community care facility is necessary, before a youth moves to a THPP.


If.. Then..
  • The youth is moving from any placement to a THPP, and
  • There are no objections to the move by the care providers

The social worker may file an Application and Order to obtain a CCF/THPP order.

The Application and Order should specifically request authority to place the child in a "community care facility licensed and certified as a transitional housing placement program."

Note: The Applicaton and Order process only applies to a CCF/THPP order, not to CCF orders in general.

  • The youth is moving from the home of a relative or non-relative extended family member (NREFM) to a THPP

The social worker must file a 387 supplemental petition to request CCF/THPP orders.

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THPP Referral Process  
Person Responsible
  • Complete the Transitional Housing Placement Program Referral (SCZ 209)
  • Submit the SCZ 209 to the ILP Coordinator with a copy of the youth's current TILP, signed by the youth within the prior six months.
    • Incorporate appropriate information from the Medical, Developmental, Educational and Mental & Emotional Status sections of the last court report into the corresponding sections on the SCZ 209.
    • Update and augment the text with required information.
    • Do not submit court reports.


Social Worker

  • Review the SCZ 209 and the youth's TILP.
  • Call or meet with the youth's social worker to verify eligibility.
ILP Coordinator
  • Forward a copy of the SCZ 209 and current TILP to the THPP provider with 48 hours.





  • The THPP provider will interview the youth using the "Transitional Housing Placement Program Intake Assessment" form
    • Request additional information and consultation with the youth's social worker, as necessary.
  • Notify the ILP Coordinator and social worker within one week from the time of receipt of the referral whether the youth is accepted for THPP.
    • If the youth is not accepted, provide a written statement to the ILP Coordinator with the reason(s) for denial and what the youth would need to do to earn future acceptance.
    • If the youth is a good candidate for THPP, but not a good fit for the particular agency please provide a written statement explaining why the youth is deferred so the referral can be submitted to another provider.



  • Notify the social worker whether the placement can or cannot proceed.



  The placement can proceed
  • Complete requirements for making the placement
Child's Social Worker
The placement cannot proceed
Child's Social Worker  
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When the Youth Is Not Accepted By the Provider  
  • After the youth is referred, if the placement cannot proceed, the ILP Coordinator:
    • Refers the youth to another provider, if there is an opening, proceeding with Step 3 above.
      • The youth may be referred to all three providers, one at a time, depending on space availability.

  • If a second referral cannot proceed or if all three THPP providers decline the youth's placement, the social worker:
    • Meets with the youth to discuss the reason(s).
  • A referral can be re-submitted to the ILP Coordinator within the time frame outlined in the written letter by THPP provider (six (6) months or sooner) if the concerns/issues that prevented placement are resolved.
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Carla Macias , ILP Coordinator

Tel: 408-501-6836


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Other References  
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