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Handbook 11: Concurrent Planning and Adoption
11-4 Placement Support Services Review


Concurrent Planning and Adoption
11-4  Placement Support Services Review
Reference Points
Who Can Request a Staffing
How to Schedule a Staffing
When and Where Are Staffings Held
When Is a Placement Review Required
Staff and Supervisor's Responsibility
Who Is Including in a Staffing
What Happens at a Staffing
Outcomes of a Placement Review

Reference Points
Effective Date: TBA
Last Updated: 11/17/09


Placement Support Services Reviews give social workers an opportunity to discuss placement issues on referrals or cases related to county licensed foster homes and relative/NREFM homes.  The Placement Review is a forum where social workers may strategize with other professionals on resolving placement issues in order that placement of a child in the home may proceed or that the home remains a viable placement for the child.  Often, social workers find themselves having to resolve issues related to out-of-home placements that are complex and unique. Placement Reviews are intended to support social workers and reduce time spent on independent and multiple consultations.

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When Is a Placement Review Required  

It is DFCS policy that a Placement Review is required to:

  • Review placement planning for children identified to have special medical needs;

  • Take a county licensed foster home off of a Placement Hold so that a child may be placed in the home; or

  • Discuss issues related to a caregiver's judgment or care and supervision issues that seriously impact the suitability of the caregiver to receive or continue a placement.

It is DFCS policy that a Placement Review may be scheduled to:

  • Review foster or relative/NREFM homes in which approval or other placement issues are delaying a child's placement in the home.

  • Develop solutions to complex issues related to a foster or relative/NREFM home where children are already placed.


    • For example:
      • Issues of confidentiality with two foster homes when the foster parents are related
      • Issues with a caregiver’s  care and supervision of children placed in the home
      • Issues of confidentiality regarding disclosure of a caregiver's medical status
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Who May Request a Placement Review   A social worker from any bureau in the Department may schedule a Placement Review.
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How to Schedule a Placement Review  

To request a Placement Review, the social worker:

  • Contacts the Placement Review scheduler.
  • Gives the:
    • Case name
    • Child’s name
    • Caregiver’s or agency's name
    • Names of any social workers associated with the case or referral or assigned to related cases
    • Names of other significant people involved in the case.
    • The issue(s) that resulted in the request for the Placement Review.
  • Notifies participants of the time and place of the Review, once the scheduler sets the Review.

The scheduler:

  • Contacts the social worker requesting the Review within two working days with the Review date and time. 
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  • Placement Reviews are by appointment only.
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Staff and Supervisors' Responsibilities  

In preparing for the Placement Review, the social worker:

  • Consults with his or her supervisor for approval to schedule a Review. 

  • Emails a request with a summary of the issues to be presented at the Review to Dawn.Beck@ssa.sccgov.org.

  • Brings the case file to the staffing.


 It is the supervisor's responsibility to:

  • Review the case with the worker to decide whether a Placement Review should be scheduled.

It is recommended that supervisors attend Placement Reviews. 

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Who Is Included in a Placement Review  

The following staff are invited to be present at the Placement Review:

  • The social worker currently assigned to the case and any previously assigned social workers (if applicable).
  • Any social worker assigned to a connected case.
  • Supervisors of the social workers (or the supervisor is asked to be on telephone stand-by during the staffing).
  • Resource/Relative Support Team Member
  • Licensing Unit Representative
  • Placement Unit Representative
  • Managers
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What Happens at a Placement Review  

The format of the staffing is that:

  • The referring social worker verbally summarizes the case to the panel.

    • Be prepared to discuss:
      • The issue/problem that is the reason for the referral
      • Child welfare services history
      • Criminal background records of relevant parties
      • Current school and medical information of the child(ren)
      • Information regarding current dependency cases on related children
      • An opinion of what the outcome should be
  • A general discussion is held and all participants may contribute.

  • Recommendations are given on the Placement Review summary sheet.
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Outcomes of a Placement Review  

A decision regarding the referral or case is reached by consensus or by vote.  Some decisions may be made solely by or overridden by the Placement or Licensing Manager, DFCS Deputy Director, or DFCS Director, for example, if the decision reached goes against agency policy, agency contracts, or licensing rules or if the decision requires utilization of resources that are unavailable. The decision is written on a recommendation sheet with dates by which the social worker is expected to complete the recommended actions.  The decision reached by the staffing committee cannot be changed before a re-staffing is held to discuss an alternative course of action.

Outcomes of these staffings are typically to:

  • Recommend proceeding with the placement of a specific child

  • Recommend addressing issues with a specific caregiver

  • Recommend that the social worker continue with the assessment of the family, gather additional information, and restaff the case.
    • If the social worker is directed to gather more information and restaff the case, the restaffing is not optional.  The restaffing is scheduled at the time the restaffing recommendation is made.

  • Recommend that the social worker provide more services to the family and/or child.
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