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Handbook 16: School/Education
16-3 School Chapter Title
16-3  Change of School Notification Process (Education Notification Process)
Reference Points
Required Action for Education Notification
Education Notification Forms
Contacts for Assistance
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Reference Points
Effective Date: 4/20/2009
Last Updated: 12/27/2013
 Legal Basis:
Popup Window Education Code § 49069.5
Popup Window California (2010) Assembly Bill 167
 Non CWS/CMS Forms:
MS Word Placement/Address Change (SCZ 17 Auto) (available on G:drive)
MS Word Student Transfer Notification and Checkout Form (SCZ515)
MS Word Student Placement Notification (SCZ516)
MS Word Student Enrollment Notification (SCZ517)
MS Word AB167 Verification (SCZ514)
 CWS/CMS Forms:
PDF Forms Text


The Department of Family and Children's Services Educational Services Unit (EdSU), in collaboration with Santa Clara County Office of Education Foster Youth Services, coordinates the Education Notification process to ensure that foster children are properly and seamlessly exited and enrolled into school whenever a change of school placement occurs as a result of a placement or placement change.  Information about a child's new placement and school which is included on the DFCS Placement/Address Change form (SCZ17) is communicated to both the child's previous school and the new school.

The Education Notification process ensures immediate school enrollment, timely transfer of academic records, appropriate school placement, protection of credit and grades for all coursework completed and eligibility in regards to Assembly Bill 167 (2010).  The process also ensures that DFCS is in compliance with California Education Code § 49069.5 and all state and federal laws regarding the Health and Education Passport.
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Required Action for Education Notification Process  

To complete the Education Notification Process, the following procedures are followed.

1. Within one business day of placement change, a completed SCZ17 is to be submitted to the Placement Tracking Team (PTT). If the change in placment results in a change in schools, the following information in the Education Information section of the SCZ 17 must be completed:
  • Name of the person who holds educational rights for the child.
    • Please note the date educational rights were limited by the Court, if applicable
  • Current school
    • Name
    • City and ZIP code
    • Child's grade level
    • Child's start date at this school.
  • Previous school
    • Name
    • City and ZIP code
      • Child's grade level
      • Child's start date at this school
      • Reason child left this school
  • Data fields in regarding
    • IEP or IFSP services being provided to the child, including the start date of the services.
    • If the child had been checked out of their previous school
    • Notification to new school of change in schools.

Forward the completed SCZ17 to the Placement Tracking Team (PTT)

If the child will be changing schools, but is not yet enrolled in the new school, please note "Not enrolled" in the education information section of the SCZ17. As soon as the child is enrolled in school, complete all areas of the Placement/Address Change form (SCZ17) Section K (School or Grade Change only) to notify the PTT so the updated information can be entered into CWS/CMS.

(Applicable SCZ 17 scenarios include C, D, F, G, H and K).  

Please refer to OPP section 16-5 Education Stability Plan & Documentation in Case Record for legal criteria, which must be met and documented prior to changing the child’s educational placement or school of origin.

Social Worker
2. Enter educational information into the child's CWS/CMS case and forwards the "Placement Summary Page" from the SCZ17 to the Education Services Unit (EdSU)





Within one business day of receipt of the "Placement Summary Page" (PSP):

  • Prepare the three Education Notification forms (discussed below) from the information provided in the PSP, and faxes the forms to both the child's preivous and new schools.
  • Ensures accouracy of partial credits and eligibility of AB167, if applicable.
  • Copies of all forms and fax confirmations are forwarded to the assigned social worker to be filed in the case file.
EdSU Clerical Support



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Education Notification Forms  

The clerical support for the Education Services Unit is responsible for preparing and submitting one or more of the following forms, as appropriate, to both the child's previous and new schools, within one business day of the receipt of the Placement Summary Page generated when a social submits a DFCS Placement/Address Change form (SCZ17) to the PTT.

Student Transfer Notification and Checkout Form (SCZ515) is utilized to notify the previous school:

  • To transfer the student’s educational record to the new school within two business days, as required by law.  It directs the previous school to calculate credits and grades earned for all completed coursework, current class schedule, transcripts, immunization record, and IEP or 504 Plan, if applicable.  It also informs the previous school that these records cannot be withheld if the student owes fees, books, and/or material to the school, as required by law.


  • if they  do not have a comparable form, to “checkout” students from school.  The previous school is also directed to fax this information to EdSU and the new school within two business days.  Receipt of this information will ensure that this information has been sent to the new school.

Student (in Foster Care) Enrollment Notification (SCZ517) informs the new school staff that a foster child has been or will be enrolled into their school.  It also informs the new school that they must immediately enroll the student in the absence of any academic records, immunization/medical records, tuberculosis test, dental exam, proof of residency, school uniform, or fees or materials owed to the previous school, as required by law.  This form directs the new school to contact the EdSU if all of the student’s records have not been received within two business days.


Student Placment (in FosterCare) Notification (SCZ516) informs the new school staff when a foster student has moved into their school’s boundaries, the laws that allow foster homes to remain confidential, and the laws that protect foster children, including the right to immediate enrollment.  This form also provides the names and contact information for the following people: social worker, holder of education rights, attorney, and Child Advocate, if applicable.  Further, this form informs the school of the responsibilities and limitations of the care provider and holder of educational rights.

AB167 Verification Form (SCZ514) This form ensures that the school has compiled with AB167 by reviewing the student's academic record and making a determinaiton if he or she is able to meet the school district's requirements for graudation. If a determination is made that th the student is NOT able to meet the said requirements, the student will only need to meet the State requirements for graduation. This form directs the school tp respond within five (5) business days of receiving the form. The EdSU ensures schools have returned and appropriately applied the law. The EdSU also ensures that the student's class schedule reflects the classes required necessary for graduation.



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Contacts for Assistance  

For technical assistance regarding school enrollment, contact the EdSU (Education Services Unit) Officer of the Day at (408) 501-6863 or EdSU@ssa.sccgov.org . You will received a return call within 48 hours.

For policy & procedure questions regarding school enrollment, contact Nikki Becerra, Education Services Unit at (408) 501-6812 or by email at Nikki.Becerra@ssa.sccgov.org

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Other References  
PDF California Foster Care Education Law Fact Sheets - from California Foster Youth Education Task Force
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