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Handbook 19: How To...
19-1 How To Request a Birth Certificate
How To...
19-1 How To Request a Birth Certificate
Reference Points
DFCS Policy and Procedures
Regular Request
Rush Request

Reference Points
Effective Date: In Effect
Last Updated: 1/29/2015
 Non CWS/CMS Forms:
MS Word Birth Certificate Application (SCZ 58)
MS Word DFCS Special Funds Request (SCZ 414Z) - Birth Certificate- Emergency Application (Check Request/Non-Reimbursement)
MS Word DFCS Special Funds Request (SCZ 414Z) - Birth Certificate - Emergency Payment (Reimbursment)


Social workers are required to produce a certified or copy of a certified birth certificate at various stages and for various purposes during the child welfare system process. For example, birth certificates are required:

  • To apply for Social Security benefits
  • When terminating parental rights
  • To finalize an adoption
  • To verify a child’s eligibility under the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
  • In some situations, to verify paternity.
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DFCS Policy and Procedures  

Social workers who make initial requests for birth certificates:

  • Request six (6) original birth certificates with embossed seals.


Upon receiving the birth certificates, the social worker:

  • Places two of the originals in a sealed envelope and label the envelope For Adoption Purposes Only
  • Places the other 4 certificates in an envelope marked Birth Certificates.
  • Files both envelopes in the case file on the 2nd fastener under the Case Summary Sheet – top right of the case file.  


If a social worker receives the birth certificates after the case has been transferred, the Social Worker:

  • Places the 6 originals in a manila envelope.
  • Writes “Route to (name of SW)” on the envelope, if the new social worker is known.
  • Writes “ID and Forward - Birth Certificates” on the envelope, if the new Social Worker is not known.
  • Submits the envelope to clerical to ID and/or forward the envelope with the birth certificates to the new Social Worker. 
    • The new Social Worker creates a For Adoption Purposes Only envelope and files the envelope and the other certificates in the case file.
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Regular Request  

To request a birth certificate:

  • Fill out a Birth Certificate Application (SCZ 58)
  • Route the first page of the SCZ 58 to:

Accounts Payable
333 W. Julian, 2nd floor

Tele: (408)755-7206

Turn around time for birth certificates requested via the SCZ 58 is approximately :

  • 2 weeks for birth in Santa Clara County
  • 4 weeks for California county other than Santa Clara
  • Indeterminate for other states or countries
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Rush Request   If a birth certificate is needed on a rush basis, the social worker:
  • May print out and complete an application for a Clerk-Recorder Birth/Death Order Form prior to going to the
    • Clerk-Recorder’s Office
      East Wing, First floor
      70 West Hedding Street (at First Street)
      San Jose CA 95110
  • Must have $19.00 cash or check for each certificate that will be requested.
  • Takes the completed order form to the Clerk-Recorder’s Office.
  • Shows his/her DFCS ID badge to get the government rate of $19.00 for each certificate.

Popup Window2 Click here for direct on-line Instructions

  • Orders will be processed while you wait in most cases.
  • Complete a DFCS Special Funds Request (SCZ414Z) Birth Certificate ~ Emergency Payment (SW Reimbursement) to request reimbursement.
  • Submit the SCZ 414Z for supervisor/manager signatures.
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