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Handbook 22: DFCS Resource Guide
22-2  Mental Health Services


DFCS Resource Guide
22-2  Mental Health Services
Reference Points
Bill Wilson Center
Catholic Charities - Community Counseling Program
CHAT Counseling Program
Chamberlain's Mental Health Services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
Early Childhood Mental Health Program
Eastern European Service Agency (EESA)
Grief and Loss Support Services
Indian Health Center
Mekong Community Center
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health) - Community Resource and Support Center
Therapeutic Behavioral Services
Victim Witness Funding
Other Resource Services
Other References

Reference Points
Effective Date: 2/15/11
Last Updated: 10/11/12
 Non CWS/CMS Forms:
MS Word Social Services Victim Witness Referral (SCZ226)

Bill Wilson Center  

Organization: Bill Wilson Center

Program: Family and Individual Counseling Center
               3490 The Alameda
               Santa Clara, CA 95050

Phone: 243-0222
Fax: (408) 246-5752
Business hours: Mon.-Thur: 9-8; Fri: 9-5; Sat. 9-3

Contact: Connie Chrysoglou

Description of Services: The Family and Individual Therapy Center provides  individual, couple, family and group counseling for all age groups. Short and long term counseling, crisis intervention and parent intervention are provided. Individual, group and family counseling is provided to assist with family reunification and to change inappropriate and destructive behavior of youth.

Website: www.billwilsoncenter.org

Service Area: Santa Clara County
Eligibility: Santa Clara County resident

Language: English and Spanish

Application/Referral Procedures:

Fees: Sliding Fee Scale
Transportation: VTA stops within 2 blocks
Accessibility: wheel chair accessible

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Catholic Charities - Community Counseling Program  

Organization: Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

Program: Community Counseling Center
                2625 Zanker Rd.
                San Jose, CA 95134

Phone: 408-325-5116

Fax: 408-468-0147
Business hours: Mon.-Thur: 8am-8pm; Fri: 8am-5pm

Contact: Eric FitzMedrud

Description of Services: Offering a client centered approach to treatment we offering treatment for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues, relationship and sexual issues, grief and loss, trauma, court required individual therapy, problems at work, parenting challenges, anger management issues, and life changes.

Website: www.catholiccharitiesscc.org

Service Area: Santa Clara County

Eligibility: Santa Clara County residents
Language: English (sliding scale private pay) and Spanish (Blue Cross only)

Application/Referral Procedures: Call to set up an appointment

Fees: Sliding Fee Scale
Transportation: One block from the Bonaventura light rail station and two blocks from the 321 bus stop at Montague and Trimble.
Accessibility: wheel chair accessible

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CHAT Counseling Program  

Organization: Bill Wilson Center

Description of Services:  Bill Wilson was awarded a CHAT grant to provide free counseling services to children under 18 years of age who have been the victim of abuse and/or neglect.  Counseling services are provided by licensed therapists or registered intern therapists.

Program:  CHAT Counseling Services

Location of Services:  •  3490 The Alameda

                                     Santa Clara, CA  95050

                                  • 1671 The Alameda

                                     San Jose, CA 95126

Contact: Sandra Moreno

Phone: (408) 850-6145

Business Hours:  Mon-Thurs. 9-7; Fri. 9-2; Sat. 9-2

Eligibility: •  Under 18 years of age

                •  Victim of abuse and/or neglect

                •  Perpetrator does not live in the home or have unrestricted

                    access to the child

                •  Does not have Medi-cal, Victim Witness funding, private



                    Has Medi-cal, Victim Witness funding, or private insurance

                    but the child is on a long waiting list or there is no other

                    counseling services available

Application/Referral Procedures:  Call (408) 850-6145 to complete an Intake. 

Referent may be a social worker, parent, service provider, or any individual in the community.

Language: English and Spanish

Fees:  Free. Client may be moved to a sliding fee scale at the end of the grant

Transportation:  VTA stops within 2 blocks


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Chamberlain's Mental Health Services

Organization: Chamberlain's Mental Health Services

Program: Chamberlain’s Mental Health Services
                8352 Church Street, Suite C
                Gilroy, CA 95020

Phone: (408) 848-6511
Fax: (408) 848-2099
Email: chambmhs@garlic.com
Business hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Contact person: Eric Kammersgard

Description of Services:

  • Outpatient Clinic
    The Outpatient Clinic provides: Play Therapy; Family, Individual, and Group Therapy; Psychosocial Assessments; Medication Evaluations, Prescription and Monitoring; Crisis Intervention.
  • Victim Treatment Program
    The program specializes in children and adults that are victims of physical and/or sexual abuse.
  • School Outreach Program
    The School Outreach Program provides onsite therapeutic services to children in the Gilroy School District ranging 5-18 that are in emotional distress or have behavioral disturbances that are interfering with their ability to function in school.
  • Day Treatment Program
    The Day Treatment Program provides year round, 5 days a week, 3 hours a day treatment for emotionally troubled children (3-12 years) who require more intensive care than can be provided with an outpatient program.
  • Supervised Visitation
    The Outreach Program provides supervised visitation for families under the jurisdiction of Social Service Agency or Family Court.

Website: www.chamberlainsmhs.com

Service Area: South Santa Clara and San Benito Counties

Languages: English and Spanish
Eligibility: Children 3-12

Application/Referral Procedures: Referral Sources: Referrals are accepted from the following agencies: Santa Clara Mental Health, Victim Assistance Center in San Jose, self referrals, local schools, local agencies such as MACSA and Community Solutions, probation officers, fire prevention instructors, Santa Clara County and San Benito County Social Workers, Child Protective Services Social Workers, local committees such as Parent Education Subcommittee and Gilroy High School Multidisciplinary Student Team, local physicians, and Public Health Nurses.

Fees: Medi-cal, Chapter 26.5; Healthy Families; sliding scale
Accessibility: Wheelchair

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program  

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Website: www.fcservices.org

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Early Childhood Mental Health Program  

Organization: Gardner Family Care Corp.

Program:  Early Childhood Mental Health Program
                160 E. Virginia St., Ste. 280
                San Jose, California 95110

Phone: (408) 947-2304

Fax: (408) 998-1535
Email: cmattox@gfc-corp.org

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm / Thursdays 8am - 8 pm

Contact Person:  Cheryl Mattox  947-2304 or

                           Van Le  938-2102

Description of Services: The program is designed for children who are demonstrating behavioral and/or emotional problems. Therapists administer the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, which also screens for developmental delays.  Services are offered for families with young children 0-5 to help create the best environment for the healthy development of the child.  Comprehensive mental health assessments are provided and a strength based approach is used.  If a potential delay is identified, therapists will refer the client to Early Start, if under the age of 2 years and 9 months, or to the school district for an IEP evaluation, when over the age of 2 years and 9 months. Services include home and school based visitation, social skills training, and referral and access to additional services.

Service Area: Santa Clara County
Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Eligibility:  Children 0-5 experiencing behavioral and/or emotional problems

Application Procedures: Complete referral form (ECMH Referral Form) and fax form to (408) 998-1535.

Fees: Medi-cal; Health Families

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Eastern European Service Agency  

Organization: Eastern European Service Agency (EESA)

Program:  Eastern European Service Agency (EESA)

                1046 West Taylor Street, Suite 100

                 San Jose, CA 95126

Phone: (408)-297-7348

Hours: Mon.- Fri.: 8-5

Contact: Sonja Cvitanich

Description of Services:  EESA is a non-profit agency comprised of bilingual/bicultural family advocates and case managers who are culturally trained and experienced in assessing identifying and addressing the needs of refugees and immigrants from Former Yugoslavia, and Eastern Europe.

  • Social Services
    • Domestic Violence classes
    • Parenting Classes
    • Mediation Services
  • Mental Health Services
    • Individual, family, couple and group therapy
  • Senior Services
    • Senior Hope Program addresses the needs of isolated population of elderly and disabled refugees.
  • Youth Programs
  • Grandparent Workshops
  • ESL Classes
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Recreation and Community-building Events
  • Weekly Radio Programming
  • Inter-agency Referrals
  • Translation Service
  • Family Resource Center and Library
  • Social Adjustment - Building Bridges to the New World
  • Family Resilience Center

Website: eesasj.org

Languages:Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, and Serbian

Eligibility: Refugees and immigrants from Eastern Europe and the former Yugoslavia referred by Social Services Agency, criminal justice system and mental health providers.

Cross Street: The Alameda

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Grief and Loss Support Services  

Organization: Bill Wilson Center, Center for Living with Dying Program

Program: Grief and Loss Support Services              
               1671 The Alameda, Suite 201
               San Jose, CA  95126

Contact: Connie Chrysoglou, LMFT
Phone: (408) 278-2511

Email: cchrysoglow@billwilsoncenter.org


Website: www.billwilsoncenter.org

Description of Services: Grief counselors can provide group counseling, individual and family counseling, and attend Team Decision Making Meetings (TDMs).

Fees: Free.

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Indian Health Center  

Organization: The Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, Inc.

Program:  Indian Health Center
                1333 Meridian Avenue
                San Jose, California 95125

    • Satellite Counseling Office
      • 555 N. 1st St.
      • St. Phillips Church – 5038 Hyland Ave.

Phone: Counseling Department (408) 350-2400 ext. 240

Fax: (408) 269-9273
Email: awscott@ihcscv.org
Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm / Thursdays 8am - 8 pm

Description of Services: The Counseling Department offers case management services, mental health counseling, alcohol and other substance abuse counseling, recovery diversion groups, crisis intervention, assessments and evaluations, medication management, and linkages to residential programs.

Website: indianhealthsanjose.org/Counseling

Service Area: Santa Clara County
Languages: Various American Indian languages spoken in all programs
Eligibility: Varies depending upon services

Fees: Medi-cal: sliding fees
Transportation: VTA stops within ½ block
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

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Mekong Community Center  

Organization: Mekong Community Center

Program:  Adult and Family & Children Program
                1661 Burdette Drive Suite C
                San Jose, California 95121

Website: mekongcc@yahoo.com


Phone: (408) 937-1553

Fax: (408) 937-1548
Email: mekongcc@yahoo.com
Contact Person:  Loann Pham

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Description of Services: Provides linguistically and culturally sensitive, outpatient mental health services to psychiatrically-disabled South-East Asian refugees and immigrants, particularly Vietnamese.  The Adult Program focuses on skills to cope with tasks of daily living and optimal functioning.   The Youth Program provides multidisciplinary, community based, culturally relevant counseling and case management. 


Service Area: Santa Clara County
Languages: Vietnamese & English
Eligibility: Adult Program - any South-East Asian refugee/immigrant, 18 years of age or older, residing in Santa Clara County, who is mentally and/ or emotionally disabled.  Family & Children Program - Vietnamese adolescents between 5-18 years of age residing in Santa Clara County and having emotional and/ or delinquent and behavioral problems in school or in the community, and who are currently on probation. 

Application/Referral Procedures:  Accept referral from Mental Health Call Center and Self-referred
Fees: Medi-cal
Transportation: N/A

Cross Street:  Eastridge Mall
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

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NAMI - Community Resource and Support Center  

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)- Community Resource and Support Center

Organization: NAMI- Santa Clara County

Program: Community Resource and Support Center

                2010 North First Street, Suite 530
                San Jose, CA 95131


Fax: 408.453.2100

Email: info@namisantaclara.org

Business hours: Monday - Friday

                          10:00 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Contact person: John Mitchem (408) 259-2256   



Description of services:

Provides resources, referrals, support, and education to people with mental illness, their families and friends, as well as to mental health professionals.

  • 24-hour warm line
  • Library resources
  • Support groups
  • Education programs
    • Family-to-Family Education and Support Program (12 weeks)
    • NAMI Basics (6-weeks)
    • Peer-to-Peer Educatin Program
    • Parents and Teachers as Allies

Website: www.namisantaclara.org

Service Area: Santa Clara County

Language:  English, Spanish, and Mandarin

Eligibility: No restrictions.

Application/Referral Procedures:

Drop-ins welcome.

Fees: None

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Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)  

Refer to OPP Chapter 4-10:  Therapeutic Based Services (TBS)

Therapeutic Behavioral Services

(SSA Contractor)

Organization: Mental Health Department
Program:  Therapeutic Behavioral Services
                 650 S. Bascom Avenue
                 San Jose, CA 95128

Contact person:
Robert Rocco or Alexis Horozan

(408) 793-5807 (Robert): (408) 793-5812 (Alexis)             
Fax: (408) 282-4903

Email:  robert.rocco@hhs.sccgov.org;  


Business hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Description of services: Provides short-term, one-on-one mental health services for youth with serious behavioral challenges in the least restrictive level of care.  Provides youth will skills to effectively manage the behavior(s) or symptoms(s) and achieve treatment goals.  Services include on site behavioral counseling, one-on-one behavioral counseling, family sessions, behavioral analysis assessments, and development of behavioral or incentive plans. 


Service Area: Santa Clara County
Languages: English, Spanish, Farsi, Dutch, Africaans, Portuguese

Eligibility: Client does not have to have open case but must meet criteria.  Youth must have one of the following conditions to be referred:

  • Currently placed in RCL/12 or above group home and/or locked treatment facility, or
  • Being considered by county or placement in RCL/12 or above group home or locked facility, or
  • Undergone one emergency psychiatric hospitalization related to a current presenting disability within 24 months, or
  • History of TBS while a member of the certified class.

Note:  Youth must have full-scope Medi-Cal, meet medical and service need criteria (assessed by TBS provider), has target behaviors/symptoms not responding to other mental health services aloe, ability to respond to short term intervention, and currently receiving other mental health services.

Application/Referral Procedures: Social worker calls MHD contact person, who directs the social worker to the TBS provider with an opening.  The social worker contacts provider for a TBS referral form.  The TBS provider creates an initial screening request for services and forwards the request to the MHD.  The MHD approves or denies request.  TBS provider notifies the social worker of approval.

Fees: Accepts Medi-Cal only

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Victim Witness Funding  

Victim Witness Assistance Center

(SSA Contractor)

Organization: Silicon Valley FACES (SV FACES)
Program Name: Victim Witness Assistance Center

                         777 North First Street, Suite 220
                         San Jose, CA 95112

Website: www.svfaces.org

Phone: Main Office 295-2656;

            Social Services Victim Advocates - co-located at DFCS, 2nd Floor, East side, near the break room

             Amarpreet Bhasin, tel: 501-6409

Fax: Main Office – 289-5430

        Social Services Victim Advocates co-located at DFCS – 975-5561

Email: Main office: victimwitness@svfaces.org

           Social Services Victim Advocates co-located at DFCS: Amarpreet.Bhasin@ssa.sccgov.org


Business hours: 8:30-5:00, Monday through Friday

Contact person: Social Services Victim Advocates co-located at DFCS:  

                          Amarpreet Bhasin, tel: 501-6409

                          373 W. Julian St., 3rd floor

Description of services: SV FACES’ Victim Witness Assistance Center provides direct assistance, peer counseling, and information and referral services to victims of violent crime and to court witnesses.




The Victim Witness Assistance Center brochure describes the following:

  • Help for Crime Victims
    Crime victims may experience problems and disruptions that require special attention and support. The Victim Witness Assistance Center was created to assure that every possible benefit, service and courtesy is made available to crime victims and witnesses.
  • Crisis Counseling
    Program staff provide counseling, companionship and other emergency services.
  • Follow-Up Care
    To identify and contact local agencies and resources that are needed, Staff will arrange appointments and assure that services are delivered without delay.
  • Assistance in Court
    Victims may need help in the procedures associated with bringing a defendant to justice. The program provides information about the criminal justice process and may contact witnesses in advance to confirm time and place of court appearance. Court support may be arranged prior to and during hearings and trials. Special courthouse waiting rooms are maintained for privacy and security. Case progress and disposition updates are provided.
  • Recovery of Loss
    Victims of crime who lose income or have un-reimbursed medical expenses may be compensated by the State of California.  Trained staff prepare and file claims, while navigating complex application procedures, to the California Victim Compensation Program, which is the most frequently utilized benefit by applicants by DFCS.

Victims of crimes involving physical injury or threat of physical injury, some family members, primary caretakers, victims of certain crimes involving emotional injury, and child witnesses of domestic violence, may be eligible for compensation.

Expenses that are necessary due to a crime, if there are no other sources of reimbursement available, may be reimbursed for such things as: medical and dental costs, outpatient mental health treatment, funerals, and income and support loss.

Service Area: Santa Clara County

Eligibility: Victims and witnesses of violent crimes

Application/Referral Procedures:  DFCS Social Workers should contact the co-located Social Services

             Victim Advocate to arrange assistance for child and adult victims. 

  • For Child victims, Emergency Response referrals, petitions, Jurisdiction/Disposition court reports, minute orders, and law enforcement reports can be used as documentation.  Petitions are forwarded to the Victim Advocate to generate applications automatically. 
  • For all other clients, the social worker completes and returns a Social Services Victim Witness Referral (SCZ226), with supporting documents, to the Victim Advocate, via e-mail, fax, or hard copy.  For adult victims, Child Welfare information cannot be used to file applications; there must be a crime report and/or a current restraining order. 

Fees: None.

Transportation: The SV FACES main office is on the Light Rail line.

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Other Resource Services  
  • Telephone: 211
    • 2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that connects people with important community services and volunteer opportunities.
    • If you are using a cell phone, dial 866-896-3587.

  • 211 Online
  • HelpSCC - Online community resource guide
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Other References  
popup2 State Victim Compensation Board web site
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